Professional Carpet Repair & Stretching in St. Louis

Midwest Carpet Cleaning Now Offers Carpet Stretching

Over time carpets can loosen due to furniture moving and traffic creating unsightly ripples in your carpet. Our power stretcher can take those ripples back out of the carpet and we can remove the excess carpet and re-attach it back to the carpet tack strips bringing it back to a clean smooth surface. We also do carpet patch repairs and seam repair as well.

Sometimes the furniture needs removed but often it can just be moved to one side of the room. We suggest cleaning your carpets after the stretching but the steam cleaning can be done before or after the carpet stretching.


Carpet stretching rates depend on the size of the room and number of ripples needing to be fixed. We also do carpet patches.

  • $100 – $150 per room on average.
  • Basements are generally $225.
  • Carpet Patching $100 per area
  • $225 minimum for carpet repairs service calls. Carpet cleaning can be added to reach $225 minimum

Your Carpet Isn’t Getting Any Cleaner

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