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Our Hot Water Extraction – Steam Cleaning Process

Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning or warm water extraction, is the most common and effective carpet cleaning method offered and recommended by manufactures and producers of carpets worldwide.

This type of carpet cleaning service is designed to offer a deep cleaning of your carpets, while other methods only provide a light surface cleaning. Hot water extraction is able to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers to remove soil and debris in a more effective way while reducing the amount of leftover carpet cleaning agent. Research indicates that this method has the highest efficacy compared to other industry practices.

Hot water extraction uses a fine spray of hot water to force dirt and debris out of the carpet. The dirt is then vacuumed out using the cleaning equipment. Combined with the spraying solution is a mixture of detergent and water which is then recovered using a powerful vacuum. Often, truck mounted units are used to produce the power required for shifting even the most stubborn dirt, but the same effect can be achieved using a portable unit that can be used within the home or workplace. The dirty water is returned to a holding tank for safe disposal outside of the property.

Customers often prefer the truck mounted system because the moisture and air produced by the carpet cleaning is exhausted outside rather than inside of the home. Truck mounted systems offer benefits in producing a cleaner and dryer carpet sooner.

With some truck-mounted systems (called PTO’s), the vehicle itself must run in neutral during the cleaning and in many others a separate engine (sometimes with a propane or oil-fired heater) is used to power the unit and heat the water. In both cases, the van MUST be parked well away from the house and positioned so that exhaust fumes do not enter the house. All-electric systems, such as the Bane-Clene systems, do not have this problem.

Depending upon the equipment, temperatures may range from cold tap water to boiling hot water and even super-heated water over 200 degrees F. Of course, with extremely high temperatures, there are dangers of scalding should a solution line break.

General Considerations

Choosing the right cleaning system for your carpets is crucial. Many systems will leave a residue that can trap dirt and debris even after your carpets have been cleaned, reducing the efficacy of cleaning them. Other methods may cause damage to the carpet and reduce their lifespan. Your carpet manufacturer will provide recommendations on the type of cleaning to use.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Never leave your carpets to be cleaned until the dirt becomes obvious, as this makes it more difficult and can cause irreversible damage to your carpets. Often, people may tell you that cleaning your carpet too frequently will cause dirt to pile up more quickly, but this is a myth that was generated when only shampoo methods were available.

We highly recommend that your carpets be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on how often it is used. Homes or offices that have a higher amount of traffic, as well as the color of the carpet will determine how frequently your carpets should be cleaned.

DIY Vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends against DIY carpet cleaning due to potential damage that can occur when rental equipment is used without proper training. This includes re-soiling, fiber damage, over-wetting, detergents and more.


  • 4 rooms cleaned for $149.99
    (Each additional room $40.00 each, up to 250 square ft. per room.)
  • Scotchgard : $25.00 per room/area
  • Stairs : $45.00 Full flight w/Landing
  • Hallways : $25.00
  • Walk-in Closets: $15.00
  • Pet Deodorizer $45 Entire House
  • $125 Minimum ($150 on Saturdays)

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